How to Make a More Productive Monday on Friday

arrow-394142_1280With another hectic week coming to a close and the excitement of the weekend just hours away, it’s no wonder why Fridays are less than practically productive. In some business environments, it’s the unofficial slack-off day, one comprised of mundane tasks, a bit of cleanup, and perhaps, some tying of loose ends. Plans for the weekend take away attention from the inbox, and, minds wander. Fridays, by-and-large, are informal work days, and that’s a shame, because these could serve as launch pad for serious Monday productivity.

How to Make a More Productive Monday on Friday

Ironically, Mondays aren’t much better, as these are the days returning from the weekends dreamed about on Fridays. The first day of the work week is one that’s often dreaded, in-part because of what wasn’t done on Friday. Talk about a dichotomy, this one scores high on the list. What’s worse, is that your team members aren’t alone in this experience, because you too, are right alongside them, especially on Friday afternoon, after lunch.

Monday mornings are the most critical time of the workweek — they set the stage for the day and week ahead. Most successful people are keenly aware of the typical Monday-morning workplace dynamic of unanticipated events, overflow of communications, and general chaos. —Business Insider

Even with all your entrepreneurial drive, you too, are ready to enjoy the downtime the weekend delivers, and, it’s important because it lets you let go, at least enough to refresh. This dynamic doesn’t have to bedevil your company, or more particularly, you. There are some things you can do to make a more productive Monday on Friday:

  • Plan in advance for the following week. Monday is often treated with disdain precisely because of what it holds in-store. Ironically, it’s what wasn’t done on Friday that makes this a reality. Mondays don’t have to be a scramble to catch-up, they can be a productive day, if you prepare on Friday. So, prime your sales pipeline, get organized, and plan out the week. You’ll do yourself a huge favor, and, you’ll avoid that nagging feeling that you forgot something.
  • Identify one or more things to get done today. Instead of counting down the clock to the end of the day, look at the time available to use for a task or two that’s yet to be completed. When you tackle a project, even if it’s small, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, and, not guilty about taking time for yourself over the weekend.
  • Reach out to customers early in the day. Because Friday is a lackadaisical day in so many offices, you can use this phenomenon to your advantage. Reach out to customers you haven’t connected with in awhile, and, double down by following-up with deals in-the-works.
  • Leave a small reward to enjoy on Monday. One reason Mondays seem so bland is because they lack reward. Whatever it is that perks you up, and not just a cup of coffee, like a favorite snack, put it aside for next week. You can even set a reminder to make it all the more special.
  • Begin the week with thoughtful recognition. There is probably at least one person who helped you out this week, perhaps two or three. Show your appreciation by picking something up for them over the weekend and surprising them on Monday. It will keep you eager to get back Monday morning, and, will create a sense of appreciation and excitement to the recipient(s).

Another thing you can do on Friday to make Monday more productive is to get that one pain point out of the way. It will make the weekend all the more enjoyable and sweet, plus, it won’t daunt you next week. I started doing this in the form of a game or competition. How many pain point, or high priority projects, phone calls or tasks could I accomplish before I leave on Friday? How many projects or priorities do I have on Monday that I could complete on Friday to make Monday an easy start? And it is working for me with higher productivity, growth and more free time. Make your Friday count so that Monday is a breeze!


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