Telltale Signs an Employee is About to Quit

Depositphotos_63115855_m-2015.jpgMost employees begin their jobs with vigor and an eagerness to learn and excel. Bringing their time and talent to an organization is an exciting opportunity you as a business owner readily embrace. Nonetheless, it’s inevitable key people will leave your company. While you might offer a fantastic place to work, great teamwork, and, good benefits, there’s always a distinct possibility your business will be bested by a rival, or, a change of heart and career might be a reason. Regardless of why, it’s important you know how to spot the telltale signs an employee is about to quit.

Telltale Signs an Employee is About to Quit

The reason this is so vital is being prepared to fill his or her position. Onboarding a new employee is very time-consuming, and, it’s quite costly. In fact, it’s estimated the cost of hiring a new employee equals 150 percent of his or her salary. What’s more, there’s the cost and effort of training and it might take several months for him or her to start delivering full potential. This isn’t because he or she isn’t interested or is not motivated, it’s just the dynamic of getting comfortable and knowing the day-to-day routines.

Employee turnover occurs in any industry, with a variety of reasons for leaving the company, large or small. Employees typically keep their job-searching activities private until a new position is secured. The resignation may come as a surprise when the employee finally hands in his letter, but employees often provide signs of an impending departure from the company that ease the surprise. —Houston Chronicle

When you know what to look for, you can be proactive and engage him or her to try to retain. Even if you’re unsuccessful at retention, you should know the signs an employee is about to quit in order to take appropriate measures. If you encounter any of these telltale signs, it’s a distinct possibility you’ll have a position to fill in the near future:

  • You sense he or she disengages. There’s a difference between losing interest due to monotony and having interest in something else altogether. Employees who are interested engage by sharing their ideas and bringing-up suggestions. If he or she is disengaging, don’t panic, call a private, casual meeting and discuss why. You can help re-engage by introducing new projects or giving him or her more responsibilities.
  • You don’t see genuine interest any longer. An employee who stops stepping-up or taking on new projects is one that’s uninterested, and, it’s for a reason. Here again, you can meet privately to learn what’s going on. If you discover he or she is thinking seriously about leaving or has a viable offer at another organization, it’s definitely time to take action. If it’s too late to retain him or her, then don’t end things on a sour note. Instead, show your support and be willing to help with his or her transition.
  • You begin to notice he or she is lacking initiative. A lack of initiative could mean that he or she is just overwhelmed and needs assistance with his or her workload. It could also be a sign he or she is ready to resign. If it’s the former, do what you can to help and be sure to show your appreciation.
  • You aren’t hearing any new ideas from him or her. When an employee is excited and motivated about their job, you’ll hear ideas and see him or her execute with zeal. However, if this is no longer the case, it’s a real indication the company isn’t a high priority.
  • You learn he or she is delegating responsibilities to others. This behavior can mean he or she is in a rut, or, ready to quit. While this might be a way to increase productivity, it could also be he or she is withdrawing to lessen the impact after leaving.

Another telltale sign he or she might be getting ready to jump ship is if there’s a life-changing experience happening or about to occur. It could be a baby is on the way, an elderly parent is experiencing problems, or, a child is struggling.

What signs have you experienced with your employees who eventually quit?

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