5 Insubstantial Entrepreneurial Excuses HoldingYou Back from Opening a Business

shield-417826_1920.jpgYou might be thinking it’s high time you become you’re own boss, but, there’s something (perhaps a lot of things) that are holding you back. Foremost among them is the inherent risk you’ll be taking when you venture out on your own. You’ll be sacrificing a steady paycheck in hopes for realizing more earning power. While this peace-of-mind can feel very real, understand that at the end of the day, it’s a false sense of security. Whether you’re working for a small business or for a giant corporation, your job isn’t guaranteed. Still, it’s possible for you to point to other factors that are hindering you from taking the first steps toward your own business.

5 Insubstantial Entrepreneurial Excuses Holding You Back from Opening a Business

When Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” It struck a chord with the entire nation. This pithy yet powerful observation summarizes the human condition in one fell swoop. We live in a country of opportunity, yet, all too often, don’t see it for what it truly is and what it can do for us. When you have an idea, you might ruminate over it for days or weeks, only to jettison it from your mind, never actually attempting to follow through. That’s a shame because there’s really never been such an opportune time to start a business.

Humans are great at coming up with excuses—you don’t have the time, you don’t have the skills (yet), you’re short on cash. These are all great reasons to balk on the path to entrepreneurship, but they should be seen as obstacles to tackle, not a reason to give up all together. If you dream of owning your own business, it’s going to take a lot of work, sweat, tears and cash to make it happen, but if you give more weight to your excuses than your dreams, they might hold you back for good. —Entrepreneur.com

The power of the internet lets you do all the research you could possibly imagine. It’s easy to find costs and to explore the competition as well as opportunities. However, there are still many reasons (read: excuses) people make for not starting their own company. Here are five insubstantial entrepreneurial excuses holding you back from opening a business:

  • “I’m just not ready to start a business.” While you might not be ready to do your own thing full-time, you are probably ready to start a side business. This allows you to test the market, and, gives you the freedom to make mistakes without huge consequence. You can commit just a few hours to begin with and steadily build it over time. When you develop a workable practice, you’ll be able to see how it will scale up and how much more you can earn.
  • “I really don’t have enough experience to start.” This is a non sequitur because you can’t become experienced in a non-existent business. That’s what starting a business does for you; it gives you the ability to become experienced and it’s that quality which will help you build the brand. You’ll gain experience and be a better business owner for it as time goes by and the business establishes.
  • “I am not nearly qualified enough to open a business.” Unless you need a specific license or credential, this is just an excuse. If you’re working for someone else, chances are excellent you’ve seen missteps before they even had the ability to unfold. You’ve probably put a whole lot of thought into the proposition and conceived every angle. That’s more than enough to be qualified.
  • “The idea is good, but it’s not ready for prime time, yet.” The truth of the matter is, no idea is ever “ready.” What you’re really saying is that it’s not “complete.” Even if it’s something that’s already being done by someone else, it could be years away from being polished.
  • “I don’t have the necessary time, enough money, solid contacts (fill-in-the-blank.)” Reality is quite different from supposition and what you’re supposing is that there will be a perfect time, under perfect conditions, without a hint of risk, that will magically strike. That’s not ever going to be the case and you’ll always be short on this or that.
  • “Stop it and Start it!” Stop making excuses and Start taking “Action” towards building a business, one step at a time. Start writing down your ideas, then research, then begin to write out a plan on how you will begin. What business idea have you put off starting?

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