Take This Cue from Nasa’s Juno Spacecraft

satellite-1030779_1280NASA’s Juno spacecraft is making news because of its historic and important mission. It’s another step to learning more about the planet Jupiter and our solar system. Juno entered the orbit of the largest planet in our solar system and will collect valuable data, key to our deeper understanding of the planets in relation to earth. NASA’s Juno spacecraft traveled an astounding 1.8 billion miles to reach Jupiter, completing a five-year journey, and Juno was only off pace by 1 second after five years! Try planning your vacations or business meetings that accurate! Now, it’s time to take a cue from this amazing technology and apply it to your business. It’s time to explore expanding your business and hire the right employees. Just like the space administration exploring new territory, you should be as clever when hiring new employees.

Take This Cue from Nasa’s Juno Spacecraft

When you own a business, it’s a fact of life you’ll have to learn to deal with crazy clients. People with unreasonable expectations and demands who want this and that done on an unrealistic timeline and for a ridiculously low price. But that’s nothing compared to bringing the wrong people into the heart of your company. Bad hires can wreak havoc inside your business, imploding morale, stirring drama, and driving you insane. What’s more, it’s you who must deal with an untenable situation, distracting you from what’s truly important.

The employees you hire can make or break your business. While you may be tempted to hire the first person who walks in the door “just to get it over with,” doing so can be a fatal error. A small company can’t afford to carry dead wood on staff, so start smart by taking time to figure out your staffing needs before you even begin looking for job candidates. Begin by understanding the requirements of the job being filled. What kind of personality, experience, and education are needed? —Entrepreneur.com

You can lessen the chance of this happening with a strong training program but it’s better to avoid hiring the wrong candidates in the first place. And let’s face it, even the strongest training program and company culture will only mitigate a bad hire. You’re effectively hammering a square peg into a round hole and the splinters will still get under your skin. Here are some suggestions about how to hire the right employees:

Define the job description and responsibilities. There’s really no point to posting a job opening or interviewing candidates until you have a clearly defined job description and responsibilities. You must be certain about what the person will be doing and what’s more, how it’s supposed to be done. If you think you don’t need this, just imagine a scenario in which you are constantly annoyed having to explain something else, again and again.

Create and implement a workable recruiting plan. Make no mistake about it, you must have a recruiting plan because a shoot-from-the-hip, shotgun approach will only invite chaos. You need a solid plan to follow regarding how and where you’ll post the job opening to act as a first-stop vetting mechanism. It should be targeted and well thought out.

Be sure to use comprehensive checklists. Okay, there’s practically little else more boring than checklists but it’s simply not an option. You must have detailed checklists ready-to-go when you are creating the job description and to follow when interviewing candidates. This will prevent you from forgetting to include key information about the job and avoid forgetting important interview questions.

Get to know the candidate’s personality. One big advantage to conducting more than one interview is being able to get a better understanding of a candidate’s personality. This is important because you want the right fit and anything you glean from your interactions will be very helpful in making a more informed decision.

Check his or her social media profiles. This is an obvious due diligence measure, but it bears including. By checking his or her social media profiles, you can discover things not included in background and credit checks. Even though these accounts are accessible to the public, many people still post as though they are having private conversations.

Check his or her references and past employment. This too should be an obvious due diligence measure, but as business owners, we tend to believe our perspective is sufficient. Have other key leaders in your organization interview and get the feedback from the candidate’s references and past employers. Remember, slow to hire, quick to hire. Don’t rush the hiring process. This prospective employee will have significant impact on your business … make certain the impact is positive!

Have you used other strategies for hiring the best candidates? How do you look for the best match for your business? Have you learned from a mistake resulting from a bad hire? Please share your experiences and leave your comments.

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