Are You Stressed About Falling Consumer Confidence

town-sign-1148092_1280Consumer confidence fell from June to July, according to a news report by The Wall Street Journal. It’s a familiar dynamic but not necessarily a welcome one. A common predicament, sometimes of your own making, stress creates uncertainty and subjects you to making rash decisions. Stress is a powerful emotion but it doesn’t have to be a paralyzing one. You might be dealing with crazy in your organization or an unreasonable customer. Whatever the culprit, it’s causing mental and emotional pressure and you’ve got to deal with it.

Are You Stressed about Falling Consumer Confidence?

Although consumer confidence fell from June to July, it doesn’t necessarily mean the trend will continue. However, it might fall again or experience little change over the course of the next period. If it’s causing problems or is paving the way to affecting your company, it’s entirely possible to deal with change. Opportunity appears in many forms and being able to identify it is a wonderful trait. It takes a keen eye and requires looking into the future and can be learned.

A survey by TalentSmart showed that 90 percent of top performers know how to manage their emotions in times of stress so that they remain cool, calm, and able to do what needs to be done. That’s an important lesson in and of itself for all of us – because all of us experience stress in our lives. Research has shown that some stress is good for us: it helps us perform at optimal levels. Too much stress, however, can have serious psychological and physiological repercussions. —

The slightest bit of bad news is enough to trigger stress, especially when you’re already in a precarious situation. It magnifies the entirety of the circumstances and can easily become overwhelming. This causes a self-defeating attitude to unfold and it becomes evermore consuming. The more you worry, the more you worry. In a short time, it’s inescapable, part of practically every thought.

How to Deal with Entrepreneurial Stress

The trick to dealing with stress is to know your personal triggers and when it’s most likely to strike. Avoiding certain behaviors and engaging in specific activities can prevent stress from happening. Being proactive will do a lot of good for your mental and emotional health but it’s not always feasible. Sometimes, stress comes by surprise and you’re hit with it before you have an opportunity to prepare. That’s okay, there are effective ways to deal with entrepreneurial stress:

  • Look at the big picture. Stress emanates from specifics and it’s what causes people to be myopic. Even what seems to be a big deal can typically be boiled down to one or two things. If you look at the bigger picture, the stress point shrinks substantially and that’s where you’ll find your confidence and ways to deal with it. If you continue to focus on the overall circumstances, you’re likely to be stress-free quicker.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings. One aspect many entrepreneurs share is keeping their thoughts and feelings to themselves — especially when self-perceived as weakness. Doing this will effectively chain a heavy weight over your shoulders and you won’t be able to carry it without going to an unhealthy escape. So, don’t deal with it alone, share your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust and listen to them. You’ll find a lot of comfort and it’s always nice to know you have someone to turn to when needed.
  • Smile, laugh, and repeat. Laugher is the best medicine, so the age-old adage goes. But it’s stood the test of time because it works time and again. Think about something that makes you smile and reminisce. Let the laughter erupt and then repeat. Things will suddenly seem quite different and that’s where you’ll find the most logistical and/or creative way to deal with your stressful situation.
  • Think about progress, not perfection. Striving for perfection is something entrepreneurs do naturally. But it’s not always possible and when that realization strikes, it causes stress to erupt. The trick is to be content and think about the progress you’ve made instead of seeking perfection. When you do, you’ll have a longer list of accomplishments then you’ll suppose before you begin to think about the progress you’ve made.

So how do you deal with stress? What techniques do you use? Have you found something that’s unique or something that makes the situation worse? Please share your thoughts and join the discussion.

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