The Best California Wildfire Business Lesson to Learn

forest-fire-1261752_1280The California wildfires continue to burn out-of-control, leaving a wake of yet unknown, total devastation. With the wildfires raging on, one would think such a huge humanitarian catastrophe would be dominating the news cycles. Sadly, this natural disaster is barely finding a place in many newsroom A-blocks. Instead, Ryan Lochte and the 2016 U.S. presidential election candidates and campaigns are stealing the spotlight. But day-after-day, real heroes are on the front lines, battling the California wildfire blaze. These individuals represent the best among us and offer a great learning opportunity.

The Best California Wildfire Business Lesson to Learn

The California wildfires do provide entrepreneurs with a powerful business lesson and it’s personified in the firefighters working so diligently to do their part. These brave individuals are working tirelessly as team. Unified in one common goal, they work side-by-side in strategic fashion to stop the destruction. It’s the dynamic every business owner dreams of having in-place within their company. Team players who work together so all involved succeed. It’s these employees who are ready to become managers.

Great employees are reliable, dependable, proactive, diligent, great leaders, and great followers. They possess a wide range of easily defined, but hard-to-find, qualities. A few hit the next level. Some employees are remarkable, possessing qualities that may not appear on performance appraisals but nonetheless make a major impact on performance. —

Of course, the problem with this scenario is having the right people in the right positions. As you know, that’s not an easy feat to accomplish. Some job candidates appear to be the perfect fit but only reveal they are crazy, introducing chaos into a business once ensconced. Avoiding this drama is completely necessary but it’s just not always possible to keep it out completely.

The Best Qualities of Highly Valuable Employees

When you are building your company, you not only want, but need, the best employees to propel your business forward. The good news is, some of them already work for you and just need the chance to prove their true worth. This presents a real opportunity for your organization and is a way to reward those who most deserve it without going overboard. The question is how to identify who is and who isn’t a truly valuable asset. So, let’s take a look at the best qualities highly value employees demonstrate:

  • They do not participate in office politics. You probably know who does and does not participate in office gossip and this is one of the best qualities of a valuable employee. He or she isn’t concerned about spreading rumors or politicking in the break room. It’s a sign of knowing what is and what isn’t a valuable use of time, especially when on the clock.
  • They go beyond assigned responsibilities. A valuable employee does not refuse or scoff at work that “isn’t in the job description.” Instead, he or she just does the work, no questions asked, with a good attitude and expressing in a small way a feeling of accomplishment when finished.
  • They are able to lead and to follow equally. One particularly fascinating quality of a valuable employee is his or her ability to both lead and follow (although not necessarily simultaneously). Instead, he or she does what’s most appropriate for the situation and it is remarkable to see in action.
  • They consistently deliver high quality work. Okay, so this goes in the “obvious” column but it definitely bears inclusion. It demonstrates a powerful combination of healthy pride and good work ethic. What’s more, it is distinctly different from ego and over-doing it to impress.
  • They do not seek praise or demand recognition. Highly valuable employees are typically content. They let their work, attitude, and demeanor speak for them instead of drawing attention to accomplishments or contributions.

How do you evaluate new hires to determine if they have the right qualities? What traits do you most value? Are their certain signals you look for during interviews? Please share your experiences and thoughts by commenting and joining the discussion.

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