Ways to Make Mondays More Productive and Fun

monday-706919_1280If you’re wondering about ways to make Mondays more productive and fun, you’re in a typical entrepreneurial situation. It’s no secret the first day of the work week is the least favorite day of the week. After all, it’s the day which brings reality back into the fold. Trepidation, hesitation, tiredness, and more are common feelings associated with Mondays. But, there are ways to make Mondays more productive and fun. Not surprisingly, at the crux is energy and time management

Not so Surprising Monday Statistics

The Monday syndrome, colloquially referred to as the “Monday Blues”, or “a case of the Mondays,” is something to which no person is immune. Everyone struggles with Mondays in one way or another — even those who love their jobs. The good news is research shows us why Mondays are so problematic. For instance, 50 percent of people arrive late to work on Mondays. The average employee’s productivity is astonishingly less than 30 percent on Mondays.

If you wake up on Monday morning with a groan and struggle to get on with the workday, you may have a case of the Monday blues. There’s no wondering why we hate Mondays — it always seems to sneak up on us, just as we’re starting to relax and enjoy our weekend. For most of us, Monday is the least productive day of the week. —Entrepreneur.com

Most people do not even crack a smile until 11:16 a.m. on Mondays. Moreover, people moan for over 10 minutes on Monday mornings. If these statistics aren’t bad enough, it’s also known that heart attacks are 20 percent more prevalent on Mondays. Even worse, Mondays claim the most suicides over every other day of the week. Yikes! It certainly seems Mondays have too many unavoidable stress points but that’s just not the case.

How to Beat a Case of the Mondays

There’s no doubt Mondays are tough. The official start of the work week and five long days until the weekend. The biggest problem with Mondays is the way we approach and treat them. After all, Monday is just another day but its infamous reputation is hard to shake. To transform this notorious day into one that’s more pleasing, you’ve got to change your behavior. Here are some ways to make Mondays more productive and fun:

Prepare on Fridays. We all know Friday as the opposite of Monday. It’s the last day of the work week and the eve of the weekend. But it presents a great opportunity — getting prepared. One reason Mondays are so taxing is we tend to procrastinate. That’s a recipe for disaster and will certainly sabotage the first day of the work week. So, take advantage of the last day of the week to prepare for the first day of the work week. Personally, I prepare my entire week and calendar in advance, and I make it a game to see how many projects that could be done the following week can I complete before I leave for the weekend on Friday.

Leave work on weekends. Read this suggestion (advice) at least twice more. Let it sink in and reflect on what it truly means. The weekends are our time to unplug and unwind. If you work during weekends, you’re not leaving work. It’s not about a physical location but rather, a state of mind. When you engage with work when you should be relaxing, having fun, and taking time off, you are creating a negative association.

Go to bed early on Sundays. Alright, so this isn’t a novel idea and everyone knows it’s good to go to bed early on Sundays. What you must ask yourself (if you don’t go to bed early on Sundays) is why? Are you preparing for Monday? That’s what Friday is all about. Are you just trying to get the most time out of the weekend? Well, this makes Mondays more difficult.

Bring a treat for the whole office. A little pick up is a great way to shake off a case of the Mondays. Bring doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos for everyone to enjoy. This is a simple way to brighten the day and it’s a good supply of energy to help productivity.

Plan a really fun after work activity. Another reason Mondays do not excite is there’s nothing to look forward to doing. So, plan a fun activity or two for after work. Invite everyone to join and have a good time together.

How do you deal with Mondays? Have you taken steps to make the least favorite day of the week into a great day? What’s your experience in dealing with employee motivation? Please comment, share your thoughts and experiences, and join the discussion!

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