Trump Won–Are Yellen and Comey Out?

donald-trump-1818953_1280It’s official: President-Elect Trump. Called an “epic upset” and “shocking victory” the wild, roller coaster election is now over. So, what’s to happen to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen? Or FBI Director James Comey? Even if Hillary Clinton won the election, we’d likely still be asking the same questions. The reason this is a topic is many people wonder about their job performance. It’s the same in the business world. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know the difference between the truly good, bad, and ugly.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Tough, unpopular choices are just a fact of being in business. The hard truth is, you’ll inevitably encounter a toxic personality. And, a toxic person with poor performance is an easy call to make. You don’t have to struggle through pros and cons. It’s a simple, straightforward decision. But what if it’s a bad personality with a really good performance record? Now, that’s an unfortunate, yet all-too-real scenario.

Who would you rather make a purchase from? The upbeat go-getter or the depressed downer? Having a positive attitude and being cheerful makes it easier to approach customers and keep their attention until after you’ve made the sale. This positive attitude exudes from a person. If you’ve got a really bad scene going on, stuff it! —

We’ve previously dealt with why crazy is bad for business. Like a poor performer with a poor attitude, there’s really not much upside. Sure, there are measures you can take and perhaps right the situation, but ultimately, that person must take the initiative and act responsibly. If they can’t pull it together, it’s time to move on, for the good of the company and perhaps their own, as well. That too, is a less complex process to work through.

5 Reasons why Good performers with Toxic Personalities are Really Bad for Business

However, when it comes to good performers with bad personalities, it’s a completely different dynamic. It is complicated. It is messy. It is unpleasant. It is paradoxical. But it cannot be ignored and you know it in your heart. What’s more, you know it’s doing damage, regardless of scope or size, it must be dealt with in a thoughtful manner. Here are five ways good performers with toxic personalities do damage to a business:

  • They affect coworker morale. You’ve probably been involved or known about a situation where team members complain about one particular person. They know his or her faults and feel powerless because management won’t get rid of that person because of his or her great performance. That’s not a sentiment you want permeating in your business in any capacity.
  • They frighten new talent away. Toxic people have a notorious reputation for being a known quantity, not only inside your organization but outside it, as well. That’s enough to scare off new talent you’d really like to attract to join your team.
  • They turn off potential accounts. It’s not just new talent their bad reputation is frightening away, it’s also potential new accounts. Even if a newly approached account doesn’t know about this person, chances are excellent they’ll interact sooner or later and that’s too much risk.
  • They probably lose more sales. Sure, you get a lot out of this person but what’s difficult to quantify is how much business it’s actually costing you ultimately. Unless you have unbiased feedback, you probably won’t know and what you don’t know can definitely hurt you.
  • They drive you insane, anyway. Keep in mind it’s not just other people who must deal with a toxic personality, it’s you too. While you can rationalize and justify all you want, it’s still going to be present, driving you nuts, day after day.
  • They don’t play by the same rules, but you keep them anyway because of there performance. How many top performers have you retained because you believed their monetary results outweighed their toxic withdrawals towards your business? I have kept toxic employees because of their monetary contributions, until I calculated the cost far outweighed the contributions. Now, it is an easy decision for me.

Have you managed a good performer with a toxic personality? What coping methods did you use? Were you able to turn the situation around? How do you deal with toxic personalities? Please leave your thoughts and experiences.

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