Let Black Friday Deals Inspire You

words-1797603_1280Black Friday deals lure consumers into brick and mortar retail stores, as well as attract millions of online shoppers. The reasons are obvious — big time savings on holiday items and Christmas gifts. Now is definitely the season of giving but not just gifts, giving thanks is far more important, particularly when it comes to your employees. In fact, a Harris poll reveals an astounding 65 percent of employees report receiving no employer gratitude during the past year. That’s unnerving and it’s completely unacceptable.

How to Show Employees Gratitude

Your employees are just as important to your business as your paying customers. While there are many ways to show your support for the community with corporate giving, giving thanks to the people who make it happen day after day is just as important. Employees love to feel appreciated for their work and commitment to any organization. If they don’t chances are excellent they’ll look for a position in another company.

If you want your employees to be happy and productive, you need to give them recognition for a job well done and let them know their work is appreciated and important. So, how do you show your employees that they’re valuable to the company? —Business News Daily

Should you already see telltale signs an employee is about to quit, it could well be too late. But even if you don’t, your team members still deserve to know you are thankful for them. So, let’s take a look at how to show employees gratitude. Keep in mind, not all of these will be applicable to everyone as personalities differ. For example, giving the company introvert an appreciation award at an all-employee event might backfire. So, use your own discretion when using one or more of the following ways to show team members your gratitude:

  • Say “Thank you” sincerely. There is little more powerful than sincerity. And, a sincere thank you is always appreciated by the recipient. It not only demonstrates acknowledgement of a job well-done, it also clearly shows you couldn’t do without him or her. That level of sincerity will have a huge, lasting impact, as well as improve your professional relationship.
  • Let them come straight to you. Instead of having team members go through managers before something gets to you, give them direct access. It shows confidence in their abilities and that’s imbues great feelings in them. This move will cause more creative thinking and everyone in the organization wins from that dynamic.
  • Offer each one a choice of projects. When you have multiple projects, give each team member an opportunity to work on the one of their choice. This is a powerful incentive to work hard and innovate when necessary. It also helps to avoid disinterest, which is never a good thing.
  • Tell other employees about one’s efforts. You probably have one employee who goes the extra mile and by telling others on the team about his or her efforts, you’ll be showing your gratitude. Being widely acknowledged is a terrific incentive for others to step-up and take initiative on this or that.
  • Take a team member out to a special lunch. Another wonderful option is to take an employee out to a special lunch, just for him or her. Be sure to treat he or she to one of their favorite restaurants and don’t forget to offer dessert.
  • Invest your time and attention. Remember you’re your employees are an appreciating asset. What do we do with assets? We invest in them because the more we invest, the more they appreciate. Said another way, employees will only depreciate if you do not invest your time and attention.

How do you show your employees appreciation? What do you think are the best ways to show gratitude to your team members? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

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