What Mariah Carey’s Lip Sync DebacleTeaches Us

mariah-carey-eugene-gologursky-getty-images-for-toshiba-corporationThe Mariah Carey lip sync bomb generated plenty of headlines. It caused a worldwide whirlwind of celebrity scandal. But why? It’s well-known performers often lip sync lyrics. And, it’s certainly not a secret some rely heavily on technology to deliver performances. It makes for gossip because the entertainer isn’t supposed to be lip syncing, she’s expected to put on a genuine show. Instead, the celebrity opted to fake it. Being so famous, the miscue created enormous, international attention. Nonetheless, we can learn a valuable business lesson from this embarrassing incident.

Why ‘Fake It until You Make It’ Doesn’t Really Work

One of the reasons this grabbed so much public attention is the entertainer is so well-known. Just like when Kim Kardashian was robbed, headlines poured out from new media organization all over world. Nothing creates news like famous people being involved in everyday troubles. We like to know they have the same problems and secretly rejoice when those are made public. What we don’t want is for others to learn we’re personally engaged in the “fake it until you make it” ruse.

The maxim “fake it until you make it” makes sense on some levels. Most people occasionally struggle with feeling overwhelmed or unconfident, so the idea of pushing through those negative emotions seems logical. But sustaining a false front for the long-term isn’t in your best interest. —Inc.com

Let’s face it, there are many strategies for being successful and some buy into the notion all you have to do is fake it. Eventually, you will make it and no one will ever be the wiser. But what’s the cost? It’s utterly exhausting, requiring so much time and energy. You’ve got to keep up appearances and always remember what you told each and every person. Even if you tell the same story, you still must deliver results. The point is, the “fake it until you make it” isn’t a viable strategy; it’s a recipe for failure. Rather than waste your time trying to deceive, do the following instead:

Be honest. We all know the truth inevitably catches up. It’s just an inescapable fact of life. Over promising is dangerous because your reputation is at risk. Be honest and do business with integrity because it is about what you can deliver and being sincere in your abilities. This will create reasonable expectations and that’s a great position to work from.

Take an objective look. We all want to be successful but there are times when it seems there are few options or alternatives. It may be very tempting to tell a white lie but then the old adage comes into play, made famous by the Walter Scott poem Marmion, “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”

Rely on your strengths. You know your strengths, so use them to your advantage. When you come to an area where you are weak or unskilled, leave it to someone else who possess that particular skill set. After all, teamwork helps everyone involved and produces better results.

Move forward confidently. In the business world, you will have moments of doubt. Hesitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it can cause you to over analyze the situation to the point it’s blown way out of proportion. Take a positive, confident approach but stay firmly grounded, remembering your mistakes and failures … and as I always say, “Take Action” because “Action Trumps Everything”!

Accept you’ll face challenges. There’s just no way of getting around challenges in business. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or who you work with. Challenges are opportunities. Whether you’ll succeed or fail isn’t always entirely up to you, so accept it and learn from them.

Have you tried the “fake it until you make it” strategy? Or did you avoid it? What other suggestions or advice do you have for others? Please let us know your experiences and thoughts!

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