How to Fall in Love with Your Business Again

heart-462873_1280Drive. Passion. Desire. Vision. All of these and more flood your heart and mind each and every day when you start a business. It’s what supplies the fuel to do more, go further and face risk. Without these, obstacles become daunting and insurmountable. Losing such grit and determination can easily lead to feeling apathetic (even dispassionate). When this happens, you’ve got to take action and learn how to fall in love with your business again.

How to Fall in Love with Your Business Again

Sometimes, business goes effortlessly. It creates a comfortable ebb and flow. The familiarity provides a sense of peace. But, it can easily foster false security. That’s when you become a bit too comfortable and no longer venture into uncharted waters. You stick with what you know. It’s not exactly like aiming at nothing and hitting the target every time but it is a dangerous mindset. Over a short period of time, this can lead to falling out of love with your company.

The key to getting out of it is discovering what’s got you stuck, and then devising an ingenious way to get free of it. In order to get your mojo working, you must fall in love. You know those butterflies–that juice–that falling in love produces in you? That’s the magic you need to recapture. Falling in love with who, you ask? With yourself, of course. With your business. You must become interested in your business again. —

And, when you no longer truly believe in what you do, it becomes unfulfilling, less worthy of effort. Sooner or later, others will pick up on your demeanor, even if you attempt to hide it. When your work becomes cumbersome and unrewarding, it’s time to get a sense of perspective and reignite the fire. Remember, it’s always possible to start over, you just have to start. Once lit, you’ll have a whole new level of energy. So, here are some helpful suggestions for how to fall in love with your business again:

  • Take a vacation. Long or short, far away or nearby, it doesn’t matter. The point is a change and a chance to get away. And, while you’re away, actually embrace the moments to reset and unwind. Going to a destination you love to visit or trying completely new adventures will be a tremendous help. It gives you a chance to unclutter your brain and take stock of accomplishments.
  • Try something different. Switch your primary role to another. Do something else to be challenged and take on a new perspective. You could learn a new skill, revisit an old hobby or explore different scenery. Whatever it is, it needs to take your mind off work. For best results, leave work at work and bring nothing work-related along with you.
  • Be grateful for what you have. Try this exercise: think back to when you first had the idea to go out on your own. Then, recount the steps you took and seasons you experienced along the way. There will be ups and downs, which makes this so powerful. Chances are excellent, you’ll rediscover a lot of pride in your successes.
  • Think of ways to branch out. Another way to recapture your enthusiasm is to unlock it through a different channel. Take some time to consider ways to go in different directions, branching out into other areas. That will cause your creativity kick in and the rest will naturally follow.

Have you experienced trouble feeling excited about your business? What tips and tricks keep you motivated? How do you retain your enthusiasm? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

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