How Introverts Can Be Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur-593372_1280Are you an introvert? Have you thought about going into business for yourself? What’s likely holding you back is the fact you possess an introverted personality. And, because of this, you simply don’t believe it’s feasible or even possible to be an entrepreneur. Well, increasingly, researching is discovering introverts do make great business owners. While this is certainly counterintuitive, it does make a whole lot of sense when you consider the common traits of introverted people.

How Introverts Can Be Entrepreneurs

Ask the average person to describe an entrepreneur. The answer you’ll most likely hear is one laden with extrovert traits. These include, but are not limited to: being charismatic, naturally inclined to talk to strangers, and many more. Although it is true these and other extrovert traits are strengths (for instance, being able to network), it doesn’t necessarily exclude introverts from being entrepreneurs. Their personality hallmarks likewise are key to succeeding in business.

Imagine a typical entrepreneur. A quiet, reserved introvert is probably not what first came to mind. Aren’t entrepreneurs supposed to be gregarious and commanding—verbally adept and able to inspire employees, clients and investors with the sheer force of their personality? Now, though, business experts and psychologists are starting to see that guidance is wrong. It disregards the unique skills that introverts bring to the table. —Wall Street Journal

It’s best to keep in mind that just because you don’t possess certain personality traits doesn’t mean you can’t go into business for yourself. You actually have distinct advantages over your extrovert counterparts, you just might not yet realize it. Once you understand how your natural strengths can serve to create a business, you’ll suddenly realize there’s really nothing holding you back. Here are four ways you can use your introvert personality traits to be an entrepreneur:

  • Use your listening skills. A common character trait of introverts is they are thought to be shy, not jumping into conversations. But this is actually a big benefit in the business world. Not speaking up right away means you listen before you speak. That’s a particularly great approach when you’re developing relationships. You’ll stand out as someone who is thoughtful and likes to listen to others.
  • Leverage your relationships. Speaking of relationships, you probably have few but what you lack in quantity you make up with quality. Leverage those relationships to go into business because those people will instantly know you’re sincere. They trust you instinctively. As you develop your ideas and company entity, you’ll also establish more quality relationships — something that’s simply invaluable in business.
  • Exercise your normal empathy. Not only are you a good listener, you’re also naturally empathetic towards others. You’re able to immediately put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand where they are coming from. That’s an enormous advantage in business, particularly when it comes to your customers and their pain points. Use your empathy to provide better customer experience.
  • Tap into your deep drive and focus. Another key trait you have as an introvert is the ability to focus. Because you prefer to work alone, you stay focused and aim at one goal at a time. That’s a big advantage compared to extroverts, who prefer to work in teams and aren’t necessarily as focused. While both personalities might possess drive, introverts are generally more solution-based individuals.

What other qualities can introverts utilize to be entrepreneurs? Have you found other ways to turn an introvert into a successful business owner? Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting!

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