The Upsides of Feeling Depressed at Work

directory-466935_1280We all have our down moments. Periods where we feel less than confident and perhaps a bit perplexed as to our abilities. And, we deal with these moods in different ways. In general, feelings of depression are typically regarded as somewhat abnormal. But, a study conducted by two scientists, Paul W. Andrews and J. Anderson Thomson Jr., asserts otherwise. Their contention is feelings of depression are actually a result of the body and mind forcing a person to stop and analyze a situation or problem. So, it’s entirely possible, if not probable, there are upsides to feeling depressed at work.

The Upsides of Feeling Depressed at Work

All types of personalities can start and run a business — they just must rely on their innate strengths. Even introverts can be entrepreneurs, though most people would assume extroverts are more capable. That’s simply not the case whatsoever. Regardless of your personality type, you can succeed in a career field or in a business of your own. The truth is, there are many entrepreneurs who have battled depression and other psychological problems.

It happens to all of us at one point or another: The demands of professional and personal life can take a toll and hamper motivation and productivity. There are many tasks that are hard to get started because they drain energy and are not enjoyable, but they have to get done. —

And, it might just be due to the fact that entrepreneurs are so bent on success. They often see any type of setback as a failure. What’s more, relying on others or sharing their struggles are regarded as a weakness. But, it’s possible to fall in love with your business all over again. (Just as it’s very possible to find and use to your advantage, the silver linings in the clouds.) The point being — feeling down doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Here are upsides to feeling depressed at work:

You’re ready for a new challenge. If the research by Messrs. Andrews and Thomson tell us anything, it definitely makes it known that feeling down is a self-correcting emotion. This could very well mean you’re actually ready for a new challenge. After all, as an entrepreneur, this is a natural yearning.

It’s an opportunity for a new vision. You might feel a bit down because there’s nothing new in your company. It’s become somewhat routine and predictable. Perhaps, you need a new vision for your company or at least a new direction in one facet or another. Embrace the opportunity to explore a new vision.

You can embrace a different attitude. Often times, how we feel is a matter of self centeredness. It’s not necessarily being ungrateful or unappreciative but rather letting our own ego get in the way. When this happens, it could well manifest into feeling blue. So, change your attitude by doing something out of the ordinary and reap the benefits.

It’s an opportunity to be truly thankful. Along the same lines, these very times are perfect moments to be thankful. Chances are excellent there are plenty of good things going on in your life. And, it only takes a recognition of these to gain a whole new perspective to move on and thrive.

What other opportunities do you see when you’re feeling stuck? How do you deal with monotony? Please share your thoughts and experiencing by leaving a comment!

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