The Stunning March Madness Collapse Reminds Us of This

56ef718ae4b021716ef5a094_cv1Drama. Buzzer-beaters. Injuries. Comebacks. All perfect ingredients for the excitement that is the Final Four. March Madness reigned supreme during the first month of spring. No doubt, some fans are heartbroken while others elated. The South Carolina Gamecocks, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Oregon Ducks, and North Carolina Tar Heels will face off in a chase for the ultimate prize in college basketball. Each seeks to claim the NCAA Tournament National Championship. Although this is undoubtedly the big news of the day, it leaves a valuable lesson obfuscated. That’s the lesson of reaching your full potential.

Why You have not Yet Reached Your Full Potential

Clearly, not all individuals reach their full potential. And, there’s little doubt some of the players and coaches have their own doubts about achieving their own. After all, even introverts can be successful entrepreneurs. So, it’s entirely possible for you to do the same. To envision a unique product or service, devise a plan, and follow it to reach a set of goals. But you might be a bit frustrated because you believe you haven’t reached your full potential.

‘Inborn talent’ is something of an oxymoron. Nobody is born with talent, as we typically understand the term, and we all differ in our potential to develop the skills and attributes that later lead others to call us talented. It’s this wide range of potential that makes childhood measures of ability such accurate predictors of intelligence and career success when we’re adults. —Fast Company

And, this could relate to just about anything in your life. It could be your career, your own business, your personal life, or your desire to leap into something new. Whatever it is, it is not usually the problem. Whether it’s trying to fall in love with your business again or something else entirely different, chances are excellent, it’s you who stands in your own way. That’s a brutal reality, but typically, this is the scenario. So, why haven’t you reached your full potential? Well, there are some things that can really hold you back:

  • Little to no direction. Imagine you’re invited to a personal dinner with an industry giant. You’re very excited because it’s something you’ve long wanted. And now, you have a chance to pick the brain of someone who you admire and is successful. But, you’re only given vague directions. You’d waste a lot of time trying to pinpoint the precise location. If you have little or no direction, that will certainly hold back your full potential. Be clear about what you want and plan a route to get there.
  • Too much is at-risk. One of the most common things that holds people back is their fear of taking on too much risk. They believe in the security of their current position and leaving that by any measure is just a bad idea. But the truth is, job security is an illusion. Risk is ever-present, no matter the circumstances. When you understand this and can cope with a little discomfort, you’ll start to unlock your potential.
  • It’s not perfect, yet. Okay, so there’s more than a few bugs to work out. But waiting for perfection is often a perfect recipe for failure. You’ll never truly achieve perfection so stop trying to do the impossible and embrace the flaws as a measure of growth.
  • Lack of taking action. Another roadblock in the way of reaching your full potential is lack of action. If you don’t do something, you’re not moving forward. That lack of accomplishment builds up over time and inevitably causes apathy. When you take action, you complete a goal, no matter how small. Added up, these provide real motivation. One of my favorite sayings to our clients is; “Action Trumps Everything.”

What strategies do you use to unlock your potential? Are there other ways to tap into potential to use it for reaching a goal? How can you encourage others to help them? What do you think often holds people back? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

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